Pupils need to have a ‘real’ piano, or a full size (7 octaves) keyboard with weighted, touch sensitive keys and a music stand. With some keyboards you need to buy the adjustable keyboard stand separately. Obviously you also need a stool of the right height to sit on!

For Zoom, you need a good internet connection (preferably fibre optic), a laptop or iPad on a high table or shelf beside the piano, and preferably a mic stand or ‘goose neck’ allowing you to clip a phone over the keyboard (instructions given — not difficult, I promise!).

Lessons are payable at the first lesson of each half term, although new pupils can pay for the first one or two lessons individually.  As far as possible, I try to rearrange lessons when pupils give me notice that they are ill or have important family or school events.

Recommended lesson times and fees (from September 2023):

½ hr lessons (beginners to about grade 3)  £19.00

¾ hr lessons (grades 3 to 4, or keen adult beginners!)  £25.50

1 hr lessons  £34.00 (grade 4 upwards)